Jack In Water’s new EP Presence out today!

Shares video for track ‘Noise’

Alternative UK singer-songwriter William Clapson, better known as Jack in Water, releases his new EP Presence today on Nettwerk, his second release for the label. Produced with Bat for Lashes collaborator Ben Christophers, Clapson wanted to push himself out of his usual comfort zone. The renowned producer has giving Presence’s productions a unique power that supports and uplifts Clapson’s new bold sonic direction, whilst still retaining his emotional rawness.

Following on from previous EP singles 'Gentle Punches' and 'Until We Meet The Dust', Jack In Water has shared a video for the track 'Noise'. Watch it here and below:

“The EP’s lyrical focus is on being honest with yourself and accepting and engaging with all of the different internal conflicts and utterances that exist inside everyone”, he told Clash Magazine. “The track 'Noise' is about masculinity and how often it can feel like repression is a kind way of dealing with all of the internal noise and emotional turmoil that goes on inside your head."

The theme running throughout Presence is honesty and remaining present. “I wanted the focus to be on the approaches I have taken in my life to try and be more honest and present in all of my relationships with people.” He added. “Whether that is getting over your pride and taking accountability for your actions, tackling any repression left in your bones or just allowing yourself to be in love and be loved.”

About Jack in Water:

William Clapson a.k.a. Jack In Water was brought up in a little village in Essex, listening to the diverse musical influences of his parents, ranging from the melancholy and drama created by bands such as Radiohead and The Blue Nile, to the powerful R&B and soul voices like Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross whilst growing up. It was this mix of art-rock melancholy instrumentation partnered with the emotional soulful voices of the greats, which really drove him to make the music he makes today. Clapson uses music as a way of communicating emotions and ideas with himself and the world around him. He writes to connect and reconnect with himself, those close to him and those whom he may never meet but are connected by the pain and joy of what it means to be alive and be a human being.

Jack In Water released an EP entitled The Meaning of Events in 2012, which has now gone on to accumulate well over 10 million streams collectively. He recently signed to Nettwerk Records (The Veils, Mallrat, Vök) and released his debut EP Absence with the label in late 2018. He’s currently putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming second EP Presence for the label, produced by Ben Christophers (Bat For Lashes) and due out 16th June 2019.

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