Jaakk Eino Kalevi shares cover of Anastasia's 'Left Outside Alone'

Video now online

The Finnish psych-pop voyager Jaakko Eino Kalevi is back with a new song. “Left Outside Alone” is his version of the Anastacia hit from 2004, but in Jaakko’s hands it becomes something altogether more bewitching. Recorded earlier this year in Athens – where Jaakko now lives – it features Mike Lindsay (Tunng/LUMP) on mixing duties.

Jaakko says on why he chose to cover “Left Outside Alone”: “Last winter we had a project to re-evaluate art from the mid-2000s, including watching all the episodes of the Rock of Love reality show, which is about Bret Michaels from Poison trying to find true love. I don´t really care for reality TV shows but this one was fun to watch. This is when I encountered ‘Left Outside Alone’ again. I’d known the song since it first came out and never thought much of it, but somehow it spoke to me. I thought I could do something with it. I liked the melody of the chorus, and it’s nice to be a little dramatic sometimes. We changed the song quite a lot. The verses were too fast, so I left some words out and sang it in half-speed. I added a wild synth solo as a climax.”

The video, directed by Frank Holbein, references the original promo for Anastacia’s “Left Outside Alone”, and shows Jaakko taking his beloved Twingo to a night-time carwash.

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