Hudson Mohawke releases Airborne Lard

As if two full volumes weren’t enough, Mohawke concludes this mixtape run with Airborne Lard.

This final fearless batch from his liberating hard drive vault completes the reveal of the proficient producer’s hidden history. Harkening back to the delirious dancefloor hedonism of his impressionable youth, the soaring opener “Be Ur Fantasy” ushers things in an uncompromising fashion. From the sample chops of “Hands Of Time” to the Neptunian clatter of “Juggler,” he reinforces hip-hop’s broad and multigenerational remit. Quirkier excursions like the glitchy “3_2” honors Warp’s IDM tradition, while the drumline exhibitionism of “Cypress Phil” further expresses just how far and wide his palette reaches. 

Listen to 'Airborne Lard' here.

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