Flat Worms release the second single from their upcoming album 'Antarctica'

The single is called 'The Aughts' and embodies Flat Worms' bleak, yet earnest, social commentary, and buzzes with taught percussion and blistering guitar.

Los Angeles-based band Flat Worms will release their new album, 'Antarctica' on April 10th on Drag City imprint, GOD? Records. Today, they present a rousing new song, 'The Aughts,' which follows lead single 'Ḿarket Forces'.

"The Aughts," which was recorded in one take with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, was written while guitarist/vocalist Will Ivy was visiting the Tombs of the Kings archaeological site in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. "It is the ruins of what used to be very elaborate and luxurious tombs for the wealthy during the Hellenistic and Roman periods," says Ivy. "It seemed to represent the mood of our new century: growing apocalyptic tension, fallen empires, our anxiety laid bare." Its accompanying video, directed and produced by Ava Warbrick and Monroe Robertson, was filmed in the band's rehearsal space and throughout downtown Los Angeles.

'Antarctica' was engineered by Albini and rendered at Electrical Audio, where the album was recorded and mixed (in collaboration with Albini and Ty Segall) in six days. The rest is down to Flat Worms, whose world view and musical viewpoint pulse with a remorseless drive and a sense of collaborative unity. Ivy's cortex-scorching guitar leads are in united space with the full-body rhythm of Tim Hellman's bass and Justin Sullivan's drums. 

"Isolation is one of the main themes on this record, with the hope that by expressing this feeling of loneliness, we collectively feel less isolated," says Ivy. "As we all are required to stay in our homes and quarantine all over the world, we hope this record serves as a message of solidarity.

Antarctica is for people invested in the future, despite a world in flames, deserts in permafrost, and everyone in their own corners, looking down into their hands. Despite the chaotic contemporary landscape, Flat Worms are looking for the upside.

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