Fickle Friends share new single 'Not In The Mood'

From the new EP 'Weird Years: Season 2' which follows on May 7th

Fickle Friends’ ‘Weird Years: Season 1’ provided a rebirth for the Brighton-based quartet. Their newly exuberant synth-pop dynamics were matched by lyrics which had the bravery to expose highly vulnerable emotions, while their new sense of independence resulted in a DIY approach to all elements of their creativity. It resulted in a fresh wave of fan appreciation - including Radio 1’s Jack Saunders - plus growing critical acclaim.

The challenge of following an enthralling first season is simple: how can you capture what made it so memorable while also stepping boldly into new territory? But that’s precisely what Fickle Friends have achieved with ‘Weird Years: Season 2’, which will be released on May 7th. The band today present a first taste of what to expect in the shape of the new single ‘Not In The Mood’. Listen HERE.

‘Not In The Mood’ finds Fickle Friends elevating their pop stylings with a pulsating sound that bursts with bright synths, fun-fuelled funk and a hook that’s even more immediately addictive than we’ve come to expect. Natti Shiner’s soaring vocal continues to go from strength-to-strength, with her distinctive ability to deliver a life-affirming topline that’s full of searching, lovelorn lyricism.

"This song is about taking back your power,” says Natti. “We all do things that aren’t good for us. We keep people in our lives who make us work for their affection, who make us feel like the ‘back up plan’ just in case what they really want doesn’t work out. In classic Fickle Friends style we have dressed up a sad song in party clothes. We hope you love this as much as we loved writing it.”

Whereas ‘Season 1’ focused on everything that has happened since releasing their Top 10 debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’ in 2018, ‘Season 2’ documents Shiner’s experiences as the new abnormal became the long-term routine. As the world adjusted to a time that has somehow become both weird and immensely dull, Shiner’s own life became a time of dramatic transition. She became fascinated by the idea of Saturn Return, the astrological event which some believe can spark a quarter-life crisis. But with that reflection came the creative spark that inspired ‘Season 2’.

‘Weird Years: Season 2’ is now available to pre-order / pre-save here. The ‘Weird Years’ concept is also set to be extended into a full album project, which is expected to follow later this year.

Fickle Friends are also poised to unveil details of their first full live shows since December 2019



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