Eloise shares new single 'Hungover'

Eloise is one of the UK’s most exciting new voices who today releases her brand new single ‘Hungover’. The 21-year-old timeless soul has been busy touring, writing and honing her craft since her debut EP and returns for 2021 with this beautiful ode to regret, strength and recovery.

The young talent has a rare ability for relaying those difficult feelings we experience in and out of relationships, especially that gruelling place somewhere between being in love and being broken-hearted. ‘Hungover’ perfectly captures the frustration of getting over someone and making a questionable decision in the process, as Eloise explains, “’Hungover’ is about the motions of recovery that come after a breakup. It’s about the want to be the strong, empowered, self-sufficient woman who knows what’s best when in actual fact you’re a human who’s learning to be alone again and getting it a bit wrong along the way.”

Inviting you into her world, the morning after one too many glasses ‘of regret’, ‘Hungover’ is beautifully accompanied by a video directed by Nicolee Tsin. Joined by two dancers, Eloise effortlessly moves around the Parisian-esque apartment (a nod to her French upbringing), breathing life into the story behind the track. Eloise says, “The video is me piecing together a night out and having the fear. I get dressed up again in order to trace my steps only to find that my steps lead to my ex winding up in my bed the next morning.”

Watch the video for ‘Hungover’ HERE

Eloise captured the hearts of many with her acclaimed debut EP ‘This Thing Called Living’ which now counts over 25 million streams. Eloise’s unique talent for beautifully delicate storytelling proved a very welcome breath of fresh air in the musical landscape of the time, translating the songs effortlessly into intoxicating live performances, she has toured extensively since the release of her debut and played over 100 shows.

In a tumultuous time for new artists, Eloise undeniably stands out from the crowd. An old soul, with a uniquely fresh, contemporary voice, ‘Hungover’ confirms that Eloise ‘s star is firmly in the ascent.

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