Deacon Blue release first single 'Riding On The Tide Of Love' from forthcoming mini-album

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”Riding On The Tide Of Love”, recorded in lockdown, is the companion mini-album to “City Of Love”, that was released earlier this year. The first single, the title-track “Riding On The Tide Of Love” is out today, December 4th on earMUSIC.

The song is a declaration of love in a time of adversity – the one thing that gets us all through difficult times. Though the lyrics might be dark in parts, Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh’s signature harmonies leave us with an upbeat and hopeful message: the tide of love will keep us afloat.

“But I’m living, and I’m breathing and I’m real
And I’m sliding  and and I’m clinging
But you’re here
and I’m riding on the tide of love!”

Ricky Ross explains: “After “City of Love” was finished I looked through songs which might have been on the album. I realised too late how perfectly “Riding On The Tide of Love” would have fitted on the record. These things sometimes happen when in you’re in the middle of a creative project. However, as fate would have it we realised that this was a better song for the year we’ve just been through. It’s about optimism in the face of a bad series of events. The world keeps turning and love is still our best and only way out.”

Listen to the new single here:    

“City Of Love” was the fourth album released during a prolific eight-year period for Deacon Blue and gave the band their highest char position in 23 years. “Riding On The Tide Of Love” springs from that same fertile time in the band’s career and serves to extend that rich vein of creative form.  This album is a continuation of “City Of Love”, a companion piece that was recorded piece by piece. The band went into the studio one by one to record their individual parts and in its own way it has brought them all together, we hope it brings you together too.

“Riding On The Tide Of Love” features 8 brand new songs and will be released on the 5th of February 2021 on earMUSIC on CD, LP and digital.

A Limited Coloured Vinyl Edition + signed print will be available exclusively on the Deacon Blue Shop:

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  1. Riding On The Tide Of Love   
  2. She Loved The Snow
  3. Nothing’s Changed
  4. Look Up
  5. Time
  6. Send A Note Out
  7. Not Gonna Be That Girl
  8. It’s Still Early

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