Cory Hanson and Ty Segall release ‘She's a Beam’ today, along with ‘Milk Bird Flyer’ on a 10inch LP

Cory Hanson and Ty Segall have decided to release the much anticipated single ‘She's a Beam’ today, along with ‘Milk Bird Flyer’ on a 10inch LP. Both songs were recorded 5 years ago, and were recently rediscovered. Get your 10” from January 29th.

Back to 2015, when Ty Segall and Cory Hanson had guitars on their chests, stretching songwriting muscles and finding, to their delight, new possibilities at every run up the neck – a new normal every second. Trading vocal parts mid-song, then trading back again, modulating madly through rhythm changes, looking for a note in the harmony they’d never played or sung before. All in the service of locating the feel-good pop alchemy in a song in which no parts are repeated. Laying it all down with a sweet solid-state vibe. Almost like a form of instant nostalgia for the world that that would soon be ‘used to be...

“What happened to ‘She Is a Beam’!?!,” has been a question from Ty and Cory aficionados over the past few years. It went to heaven and lived a beautiful life there. ‘Milkbird Flyer’ is a perfect to pair with ‘She's a Beam’, hovering on a fade-in fanfare of gleaming guitar goodness before shifting into a countryish tripper with cheerful lyrics to bend and stretch the ecstatic shuffle of the beat. As with ‘She’s a Beam’, Ty and Cory are floating so tight in the harmony that we’re like, “Who’s who?” but that doesn’t matter.

These are lost-but-now-found-again songs, now rediscovered. The pure sounds of 5 years ago, but feeling like yesterday, are bright like a moment in time just waiting for its chance to exist. The special 10” LP with ‘She’s a Beam’ and ‘Milk Bird Flyer’ are available from January 29th.

Listen to 'She's a Beam' and 'Milkbird Flyer' here

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