Copeland King Cosma & Belew release their first live album 'Gizmodrome Live'

The must have album for all prog rock fans

The terms “all-star band” or “supergroup” may be a bit worn in many ways in the general perception, but here the superlative applies in every respect. With their debut album 'Gizmodrome' (2017) it was not a surprise that Stewart Copeland, Mark King, Vittorio Cosmaand Adrian Belew, each of themwith such diverse talent and musical background, created music that was vibrant, electric and unpredictable. With a collective CV that includes The Police, Level 42, King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads and PFM just for starters, they combined the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that characterizes their music -a cosmopolitan blend of progressive rock and a pinch of punk with a heavy twist of avant-garde humour.

Right from the start, it was not meant to be a one-off side project but the beginning of something truly uniqueand exciting. Their first live album 'Gizmodrome Live', released today builds on the foundation laid by the band’s debut album and allows for even more unpredictable outbursts of creative energy. Recorded in Florence, Rome, Tokyo, Osaka, Aschaffenburg and London, it perfectly captures their commitment to this band and the pioneering collaboration.

The fervent genius of Stewart Copelandon drums, guitars and vocals, the incredible bass and vocals of Mark Kingas well as the incisive guitar work and vocal parts by Adrian Belew, brilliantly rounded off by Vittorio Cosmaon keys –it all comes together in a one-of-a-kind high voltage combination on 'Gizmodrome Live'. In many ways the live show even manages to surpass the recorded versions of their songs, with Copelandsharing lead vocal duties with the unmistakable voices of Belewand King. Powering through a setlist comprised of their debutalbum as well as a fantastic selection of songs from The Police and King Crimson, Copeland, King, Cosma & Belewtruly delivered a live show to be remembered.

'Gizmodrome Live' is available for here

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