Alex Izenberg shares new track 'Sister Jade'

New album 'Caravan Château' to be released on July 31st

Following a four year silence, enigmatic LA-outsider Alex Izenberg resurfaced at the end of March with the bouncing and playful love ballad “Disraeli Woman”. Today, Izenberg has doubled-down with the announcement of his sophomore album Caravan Château - due out July 31 via Weird World / Domino - and new single “Sister Jade”, arriving with a video directed by frequent collaborators Giraffe Studios.

With the help of a handful of collaborators including Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear), Jonathan Rado (Foxygen, Whitney, Lemon Twigs), Ari Balouzian (Tobias Jesso Jr) and others, Izenberg creates songs that are easy to adore but hard to define. Izenberg’s sharp songs are the bait that first brings you into Caravan Château, but that deliberate ambiguity is what brings you back repeatedly, hoping to tease out the riddles of being inside these stunning tunes.

Izenberg on Caravan Château: Today it is my pleasure to announce  that my new album Caravan Château is coming out via Weird World on July 31st. I’ve been working hard on it and I’m extremely proud of these songs. It was recorded largely at Tropico Beauty with Greg Hartunian and Derek Korat with whom I’ve spent many long days and nights in the studio, retracing steps and forging new paths. Sometimes we hit walls and other times we found bliss, but those long nights were always chock-filled with lol’s.

I hope my music can reach people like me who don’t have a lot of money or means and be a guiding light in their lives for good, serving as a safe haven in times of sorrow, happiness, loneliness or longing and know that I’m right there with you and always will be, even if our paths never directly cross.

In 40 minutes, Izenberg flings open another window onto a scene of fractured beauty and romantic longing, a place where music itself is a coping mechanism. From the narcotized sway of “Saffron Glimpse” to the charming bounce of “Sister Jade,” from the backmasked blues of “Dancing Through the Turquoise” to the peppy shuffle of “Lady,” Caravan Château is visceral and gorgeous, troubled and sympathetic, instantly likable and richly textured.

Caravan Château tracklisting:
01.   Requiem
02.   Sister Jade
03.   Anne In Strange Furs
04.   Disraeli Woman
05.   Saffron Glimpse
06.   Dancing Through The Turquoise
07.   Bouquets Falling In The Rain
08.   December 30th
09.   Lady
10.   Revolutions Girls
11.   Caravan Château

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