Tin Fingers

The ever-changing band from Belgium that keeps reinventing themselves along the way. Nothing stays the same with these boys.

Tin Fingers are an alternative pop band based in Antwerp, Belgium – explosive but intimate, pessimistic but romantic, new but nostalgic, tender and cute but dark and dreamy. Let’s call it crooked pop music. Tin Fingers sound different yet familiar. Often reinventing themselves, from folk through psychedelic and indie to a more electronic, DIY, catchy and organic alternative pop.

The band released their 'No Hero' EP in the summer of 2017, sporting a catchy vintage alt pop sound that resonated deep into the indie cult veins of Belgium. The band, known for its dreamy tunes and explosive yet romantic live shows, conquered venues in a nonchalant but nevertheless compelling way. Tin Fingers ended their first major tour on a high with an intense and colourful show at Pukkelpop.  

After the band agreed that singer Felix Machtelinckx would commence the writing of the debut album on his own, he locked himself away for a month in his grandmother Lilly’s small seaside apartment. With the dunes and the Belgian coastline as a backdrop, he forged an open reverberated sound draped in melancholy and nostalgia. When the other band members Quinten de Cuyper and Michaël Lamiroy joined him at the remote hideaway, a fresh Tin Fingers sound emerged. Howling about love, contemplating today’s electrified world and the intimacy and privacy of lovers, Tin Fingers are whirling subjects and feelings around, mixing the old and the new, the near and the far, the wild and the tamed. Sounds were created from scratch, old synthesizer blips and beeps were sampled and tweaked, rougher organic rhythms were mixed with vintage house drumbox grooves. Drummer Marnix van Soom and Bassist Simen Wouters hunted for a more primitive and deep flow to contrast the static electronic beats. Doing so, the band wanted to break free from influences. Writing the perfect album was never on the table. DIY was the only way. Tin Fingers took a turn, and then another one, not rediscovering themselves but redefining their style, yet again.