Six years ago, Darlyn started with a composition from the musical worlds of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. With a preference for music from the early 70s, Darlyn managed to find a good balance between roots and modern pop music. During performances at 'Noorderslag', Ribs & Blues and Zwarte Cross showed the band that they can perform enlightening songs in a staggering way. Groovy and swinging, sometimes intimate and small but also steaming and rocking. Catchy songs and musical craftsmanship form the basis on which singer Diwa Meijman can shine. As the radiant lead, she is the eye-catcher of the band with her versatile voice. With a playful ease she sings about fears, dreams and stories about love. Her words make you think and at the same time leave room for your own interpretation.  


With 'Stepping Stone' and 'I Think We're Alone Now' Darlyn scored two Top songs at NPO Radio 2. The band was a welcome guest on the shows of Rob Stenders, TrosMuziekcafe and Paul Rabbering, and appeared several times on DWDD.

During the enforced quarantine, the band live streamed a lot and naturally wrote more music. Due to this, they became more intro perspective, carried by self-reflection and growth towards maturity. Diwa explains, "As an artist, you were limited these past few months, but looking back, it also feels like a valuable period. There was a lot of time to fully focus on writing and recording and in that we grew closer as a band. In addition, dark and sad moments can also inspire you to take a different look at life and certain themes or experiences. In that respect, I feel that we have become much more personal and outspoken on a textual level.” You can also hear this development in sound and production, where the band puts its own mark on things and makes distinct choices.

With their newest song 'Becaus Of You' the band brings a female power song. What only kills you makes you stronger. The people who hit you the most make you who you are. And that's what only makes you stronger. Diwa the lead singer of Darlyn says: “We hear a lot in the news now about transgressive behavior by men. This has been going on for decades and unfortunately I myself, like many others around me, have experienced it. 'Because Of You' is about my journey, how I learned to turn my traumas into strength. I hope this song can help other people find their fire back, you are not alone.”