Ever since the release of his debut album in 2008, Johannes Sigmond goes by the name of Blaudzun, named after a relatively unknown Danish cyclist from the 70s. With his LP ‘Seadrift Soundmachine’ in 2010, Blaudzun and his 6-piece band have made a big impression with live shows in clubs and festivals all over Europe. The release of ‘Heavy Flowers’ (2012) achieved gold status in The Netherlands and was followed by a two-year period of sold-out club tours in both the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Blaudzun played festivals in Europe and the US, like; Sziget, CMJ, SXSW, Pinkpop, Rock Werchter and Lowlands. The singer received many awards including the Dutch Public Broadcasting Award for ‘Best Album of the Year 2012’, the Edison Award (Dutch Grammy) for ‘Best Male Artist’ , and an award for ‘Best Alternative Act’ at 3FM (Dutch national radio). 

The album ‘Promises of No Man’s Land’ reached #1 in the Dutch Album Top 100 and #6 in Belgium charts in 2014. The first single and title track ‘Promises of No Man’s Land’ gained a lot of success on 3FM Radio (NL) and Studio Brussels (BE). The song was selected as the closing anthem for the daily Olympic TV show ‘NOS Studio Sport Winter’ during the Olympics in Sotsji. Blaudzun toured Europe with sold-out shows in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and The Netherlands. During the Summer he played festivals such as Pukkelpop, Lowlands, Hurricane, Southside, and Bravalla in Sweden. The single ‘Too Many Hopes for July’ reached #4 on German college charts, the music video got nominated for the Berlin Music Video Award. Late 2016, Blaudzun released the first of his triptych album cycle Jupiter: Jupiter Part I. According to Rolling Stone Germany, the record was “...a genuinely powerful musical statement.” 

After a period of relative silence, Blaudzun impressed radio and TV audiences with his new single 'REAL HERO'. The song was among others Topsong at Radio 2 and also got a lot of airplay in Germany. Mid-June, Blaudzun released his second track 'RUNNING TO MEET THE SUNDOWN' for his upcoming album 'Lonely City Exit Wounds’. A few more songs will follow after the summer before the album will be released on 21 January.

Blaudzuns has released two newest singles; 'Closer' and 'SAVE ME'.

'SAVE ME' originated from a guitar punk song I toyed around with. When I once played it with a classical guitar at the breakfast table it evolved into a folk ballad. The new album was still missing a song with a comforting character. A composition with a dash of light for darker days. The lyrics point out a heartfelt cry and zoom in and out from climate problems to broken love, and from bankrupt Western democracies to the loss of a friend. Unintentionally, the arrangement of 'SAVE ME' brought me back to earlier work. The song wouldn't have looked out of place on Heavy Flowers. 

'''Closer' is an anthem for finding yourself again.'' One of those stories is Closer. As a human being, sometimes you take a journey to discover exactly what you want. Who exactly you want to be and if you are still doing the things you need to do. It may be that this journey actually brings you to exactly the same point as before. You have made a 'full circle' and are practically at the same point again. But you are closer to yourself than ever. It is a necessary journey that you take literally or figuratively to come to the conclusion that you are closer to the origin than when you left it.  

The year 2022 started really well with release of the single WIDE OPEN, containing a message to approach eachother with open mind and open soul.

On January 21st 2022 the new album LONLEY CITY EXIT WOUNDS is finally here. 

Written as if it were his last album, with the drive of a novice; Blaudzun proudly presents his new album ‘Lonely City, Exit Wounds’ (release - Jan 2022). It is his most urgent and consolatory record ever. ‘Lonely City Exit Wounds’ was written in a time when everything suddenly came to a standstill and all the worldly noise was struck by a deafening silence. From this silence a new era is now unfolding, immortalized by Blaudzun in 12 flawless songs. 

The album feels like a bundle of stories about a big city and the life assuring moments of the people that inhabit it. Some come, a lot stay and others leave, each with their own background and story. It makes a city what it is and the people who they are. The twelve songs can be listened to as a moment in time of one of those lives.

The opening track ‘Lonely City Exit Wounds’ starts where Blaudzun left off, a grand and cinematic song that sets the framework for a new era. From there he takes the listener on a trip along his best pop songs ever; the consolation of ‘Closer’, the tribute that is ‘Real Hero’ and the hopeful perspectives that echo through in ‘Wide Open’. From comfort to hope; ‘Lonely City Exit Wounds’ is a document for the new decade. 

“The songs on this album appear to be cheerful, but in truth, they are terrifying to the core. There is a chance that you will discover their true nature, but only if you listen close. It is my hope that when people do, they’ll find comfort. ” - Blaudzun.