'I have always been confident and bold in what I wanted to achieve.'

Áslaug Vigfúsdóttir (born on August 11th, 1993) is an Icelandic singer, songwriter and music producer born in The Netherlands. Áslaug’s music is characterized by dynamic 80s drums, polyphonic vocal arrangements and synths. Inspired by artists as The Japanese House, HAIM, MUNA, and Lykke Li. She released her debut EP 'Áslaug' March 20th alongside her short film which is entitled 'Áslaug' too.

Listen here to 'Àslaug'

'I have always been confident and bold in what I wanted to achieve, both in my personal life as well as in my career. This was especially the case when I was younger. Perhaps I was a bit naïve at the time, however, I always wanted to try and develop myself and become better. When my fellow students would ask me what I was planning on doing after completing my studies, the answer would always be that I was going to conquer the world. I soon found out this was much harder than I had anticipated.'

After graduating at the Conservatory and recertificating in Copenhagen, Áslaug ended up feeling insecure about her musical career. 'It felt as if nobody was waiting for whatever I was doing and I remember feeling really lonely and disrupted at this point in my life.' She decided to take a side job and lock herself in her room, just focusing on writing music.

During this writing process, Áslaug found out that writing songs and playing music was not her only creative outlet. She also learned to appreciate the visual aspects that often accompany the music, such as music videos and photography. This realization gave her newfound creative energy.

'Focusing on the writing process gave me loads of time to think about who I really am as an artist and I have been able to experiment a lot with sounds and genres. The ultimate goal is to create songs that are both catchy and credible without generalizing and narrowing it down to one genre. One of my ultimate dreams would be to start a creative hub with likeminded people and create art together.'