Asaf Avidan

Asaf Avidan’s 7th album out September 11th

Asaf Avidan is an Israeli singer-songwriter and musician. After his service for Israel he studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. He moved to Tel Aviv for his beloved, but after the relationship ended he returned to his city of Jerusalem and focussed on making music. In 2006, he started Asaf Avidan & The Mojos. Now, Asaf is working on his solo career and releasing new music.

On September the 11th Asaf Avidan will release his 7th studio album 'Anagnorisis'

Coined by Aristotle, Anagnorisis is a literary term for the ultimate moment of revelation of a character. That moment, which through the unveiling of a previously hidden element of a story’s plot, the character is confronted by his or her true identity.

"Anticipating my 40th birthday, I found myself taking the time away from the stage andburrowing down into my own self, looking for new ways to understand and capture who I am. But the more I dug deep, the more the nebula was intangible. Moving, mutating... every time I grabbed it and penciled it down, it would already change and turn into something else."

"As an artist it was devastating. To not be able to “capture” something precise. As a human, it was challenging but intoxicating. All the feelings, and stories and deep archetypes in me were all interwoven into a complex, abstract, ever-changing cloud. Trying to capture it would be destined for failure."

"Still... regardless of the impossibility... I felt the need to try to portray this landscape. This is 'Anagnorisis'."

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